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GDPR Project Assessment


The GDPR Project Assessment is intended to be performed to measure the progress being made by an organization to reach GDPR compliance.

The GDPR Project Assessment Report established by Audit Serve defines the activities which have been initiated/completed across all IT and business areas which require GDPR initiatives to be enhanced.  The Assessment approach has been established for both Controllers and Processors.  Audit Serve also provides onsite GDPR Project Assessment of the Controllers' Processors as required by Article 28.

The report will include remaining project tasks which need to be completed/enhanced within each of the IT and business areas which require GDPR initiatives. In addition the overall state of reaching the goal of complete GDPR compliance will be stated based on a quantitative level assigned to the organization (1 – 7). Each of these compliance levels of achievements map to the most critical aspects of the GDPR initiatives.

Audit Serve can also co-source with Audit Departments to conduct a GDPR Compliance Audit.  The audit can be performed prior to the May 25th deadline which would allow time to corrrect compliance issues identified and/or be included as part of an annual audit to ensure GDPR compliance is sustained.

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Complete the Information Request form and Audit Serve will contact you to scope out the GDPR project requirements of your organization and establish a proposal for the engagement.  An organization's Project Assment can be deliver for as little as 40k which includes all travel expenses

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