Attention all US Colleges, Hotels, Airlines, Casinos, 
Online Merchants, Retailers, Hospitals
& companies who have
European employers
Your are in-scope for GDPR

Organizations in-scope for GDPR had to to be compliant by May 25th and are subject to fines from the Supervisory Authority for as much as 4% of revenues or 20 million euros and are also subject to lawsuits from indivudal european data subjects as per Article 82 of GDPR. 

Controllers and Processors are equally liable regardless of who is at fault!  Third parties who receive data which is the basis of their business model will have this flow of data reduced significantly based on the rights granted to data subjects as part of Article 21 and there is no wiggle room to prevent these types of Subject Access Rights (SAR) requests from being processed. 



Social Engineering Testing Services

Is your staff properly safeguarding 
restricted information?

email phishing *  phone pretexting
Dumpster Dive *  Penetration of Sensitive Locations

All scripts are customized  by Audit Serve for  each client to provide the best possible test conditions



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Services in Focus

Audit Serve's GDPR   Implementation Consulting Services 


GDPR Implementation Consulting Services 
Audit Serve can complete the following key components of the GDPR project:

- Mapping of Personal Data to Business processes which is tied to the SAR (Subject Access Rights) Requests, Disclosures (Article 13 & 14), Expressed Consents (Article 7 & 8) and business justification for retaining data (as required by Article 25)
- Establish SAR (Subject Access Rights) Request Process
- Establish process to identify inscope Processors and perform GDPR compliance validation
- Establish implementation strategy to meet Security processing (Article 32)
- Establish required GDPR Data Breach Notification process

Audit Serve's GDPR   Project Assessment process will provide your organization a report which validates the project areas in which GDPR compliance has been reached and areas where additional work needs to be performed.   Audit Serve can also co-source with Audit Departments to conduct a GDPR Compliance Audit.

Upcoming Audit Serve Seminars

Audit Serve Seminars offered through the ISACA & IIA local chapters

 GDPR: Assessement, Implementation
and Auditing Approaches

One day Seminar Information

November 8
NJ ISACA Chapter
Roseland, NJ

Auditors:  Now is the time to perform the
GDPR post-implementation review to
ensure all the Articles of GDPR
have been properly
interpreted and implemented

How to Audit and Adopt a
Waterfall and Agile
Development Methodologies

October 18 - 19
New England ISACA Chapter


October 22 - 23
Detroit ISACA Chapter

Livonia, MI




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